Student Success in College: Doing What Works! (Textbook-specific CSFI) by Christine Harrington

Student Success in College: Doing What Works! (Textbook-specific CSFI)

Book Title: Student Success in College: Doing What Works! (Textbook-specific CSFI)

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 1111342660

Author: Christine Harrington

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Christine Harrington with Student Success in College: Doing What Works! (Textbook-specific CSFI)

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Raise the academic bar for your students and watch their confidence and student success skills increase. STUDENT SUCCESS IN COLLEGE: DOING WHAT WORKS! offers an accessible and relevant way for students to move beyond opinions and advice about how to succeed in college by offering an integrated approach of researched back student success practices paired with student success research studies. Your students will find success as they learn how to put the information on skills for success into practice as they strive to accomplish their academic goals. With an overall theme of reading, critical thinking and information literacy skills, STUDENT SUCCESS IN COLLEGE will help students feel comfortable with the structure of research study articles, making it more likely that they will use these higher level sources earlier in their academic careers. By providing students with shared content that is relevant and meaningful, they can practice skills they can apply immediately to their other classes. The 7 chapters in the text covers key strategies for success in college including how to use campus resources, staying motivated, setting goals, making good decisions, staying positive and establishing a support system, using memory techniques and taking notes, and preparing for tests.